About Us

This is the story of Mari from Colombia and Michi from Puerto Rico. They met in 2015, at a corporate job in gorgeous Puerto Rico. They immediately bonded over their love of food, film, travel, shopping...and specially shopping when traveling. Discovering local artist who help bring a little piece of their countries home.

At some point they realized they had even more in common than a zodiac sign. They also shared a dream of bringing their great travel finds to the hands of people who would appreciate artistry, craftsmanship and culture. Plans begun...

Suddenly life got a bit more complicated. Michi moved to California, Mari had a baby, Hurricanes, Mari moved to New York, Michi was still stuck at a Corporate job she secretly hated, you know... life! Plans had to be held off until it was the right time. Obviously 2020 was the best year to start a new business (insert sarcasm). After almost a year of conception, we are proud to open our little club to you.

The concept is simple. Internationally sourced, handmade, unique statement pieces that you can’t find easily. Not one piece is exactly like the other, as there is no mass production. Since Humans are not machines, products may feature inconsistencies and that’s what makes everything so special and unique. Just like the amazing humans who made the pieces. Mostly working with communities of women and some great men who are hand sewing, bradding, molding every single piece you see here. 

We want to celebrate art, uniqueness, culture, imperfections and travel.

This is Club Marchi 🤍