Our Artisans

Why our products are so unique?

All our products are handmade by the hands of the amazing artist and artisanal communities we work with. Each piece is woven, hammered and painted by hand. Learn more about our artists and the history behind their creations.

Our products from Colombia are based on Ancestral traditions that are passed down generations, with their unique stories that express their culture.

The beautiful Wayuu Mochilas are woven by women that teach their daughters from an early age the art of creating pattern combinations for every bag. In Wayuu tribes the women are the center of their family, and they are the cultural leaders of their community. To the Wayuu, weaving is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, and creativity. 

Every mochila bag is different and unique, and it represents symbols of their culture such as the sun, the stars, plants, and animals. It usually takes up to four weeks to create one bag. 

Fique bags come from Santander, Colombia. Woven by magical hands, these bags are made by a group of artisan women that complete the entire process from hand picking and sun drying of the fibers, to the hand weaving of the bag. They only produce small batches, and it can take up to 30 days to make each piece.

Our baskets, placemats, headbands, and planters come from Iraca palm fibers. Each product has been carefully crafted and the whole process is made by hand, from the selection of the fibers, hand painting and finally weaving of each piece.